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MAPCO is a local leader in the parking industry with more spaces under its control than any other parking concern in the Rochester, New York area. We have been doing business in Rochester and Monroe County since 1936 and bring together resources, local decision-making capability, and knowledge of local conditions that make MAPCO the premier hometown parking firm.


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Employment at MAPCO

MAPCO hires individuals it believes share the same goals set forth by the company and its commitment to excellence. We view ourselves as ambassadors and are frequently the first or last persons with whom a traveler or visitor interacts before entering or leaving an appointment, seeing a concert, going shopping, or travelling. Maintaining a smiling, happy, and helpful attitude assures an employee’s success with the company.

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What Our Clients Say

So happy to know that MAPCO is so trustworthy. We left in very early hours two weeks ago, accidentally leaving the driver's side window completely open. When we returned, the window was completely covered with plastic protection. Thinking it had been broken and vandalized, we were surprised to find nothing disturbed inside the car. The window was intact and rolled up when car started. Alert, caring attendants covered left a note and kept our car safe while we were away a week. Thank you ROC Airport and MAPCO.
Carol and Al Santos
Many thanks for your generous support of WXXI's Open House. Once again, we appreciate you allowing us the use of your parking lot. It made the event even more special since guests did not have to pay for parking.
Lauara Garrison - Assistant Vice President of Individual Giving, WXXI
I am writing to rave about your employee, Mike, the technician who works at the Rochester airport. Tonight, I erroneously looked for my car in the incorrect lot at the airport. After walking around Mike drove into the lot and I approached him with my problem. To my surprise, even though this is not his job, he drove around the lot for about an hour looking for my car. After we both were still unable to find it, he suggested that it might be in the other lot. He allowed me to put my bags in the truck, and took me over to the other lot and we ended up finding my car. I cannot believe that folks this day in age still do such random acts of kindness. He saved me much time and a lot of frustration. He is an asset to your company and a super nice guy too. THANK YOU, MIKE! I am a Parking Customer.
Todd R.
You provide a wonderful service with such pleasant, helpful bus drivers.
John & Lauralee Maas, Customers of the ROC
I am very impressed with ROC parking people and shuttle drivers. EVERYONE is very respectful, pleasant and courteous. It is unbelievable to have that many people be that nice! I really do enjoy using ROC airport as my main point of flying. Thank you to all who work very hard at making ROC #1 in my mind.
ROC Parking Customer
You have an incredible team of great people at the airport. I cannot thank each of them enough for helping me through a really tough situation.
Eileen Herbert, Customer of the ROC
Upon arriving home at midnight - after a grueling week... I found my car had a dead battery. A Monroe County sheriff called your dispatcher and a truck came within minutes. The man who helped me jumped the car and asked more than once if I was OK and needed any help. To my amazement he waited until he saw me pull out before leaving the scene. He was polite, professional and at that moment a great comfort.
Susan Kramarsky
Between the quick thinking of all your people, drivers and booth attendants alike, what could have been a major inconvenience at the end of a long travel day- wasn't. All and all, a very pleasant display of professionalism.
Jim and Debbie Christy, Customers of the ROC
I truly appreciate your support of AHA and our event. Your company has always been wonderful to work with.
Bonnie Webster, American Heart Association
We arrived at the Rochester airport on a recent evening, after a full day of travel delays. When the shuttle dropped us off, we were dismayed to see 2 feet of hard-packed snow in front of our car. However, a service truck immediately appeared and two young men had the car dug out very quickly. The truck is also equipped with jumper cables, had that been a problem. What a wonderful thing for the airport to provide for winter travelers!
Bob and Diane Johanson
I am writing to convey my deepest appreciation to you and the staff of MAPCO Auto Parks for providing free parking for the over 1,200 Monroe County residents and volunteers who attended our H1N1 flu clinic on January 18, 2010 at the Blue Cross Arena. Your continued willingness to assist us is indicative of the level of commitment that MAPCO has to community service and is a wonderful model of what agency partnerships can do to better our community.
Maggie Brooks, Monroe County Executive
I love the (GRIA) calculator and will be sharing this website with friends! It is great to know how much it is to park for each parking experience!
Stacy Lonardo
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