MAPCO’s Statement of Compliance

MAPCO Auto Parks, LTD is committed to providing quality services that comply with all applicable federal and state laws. All MAPCO employees, as well as contractors, are required to abide by all MAPCO Compliance Policies, as well as any Federal and State laws intended to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse within the company. Every employee has a duty to be knowledgeable of regulations, and every person with knowledge of inappropriate activity or alleged non-compliance has a duty to act and to report potential violations and compliance irregularities. All company employees share the watchdog role. Further, all employees, vendors and contractors of MAPCO agree to fully cooperate with any compliance-related investigations conducted by MAPCO or a Law Enforcement agency.

MAPCO’s Code of Conduct

Whether you are a contract worker, vendor, or employee of MAPCO Auto Parks, and/or its individual entities, you are required to:

  1. Perform all business activities and duties with honesty and integrity.
  2. Follow all laws and regulations that apply to MAPCO’s business activities and duties.
  3. Work to create an atmosphere which is safe and healthy for MAPCO employees and our customers.
  4. Maintain records as completely, accurately and in as timely a manner as possible
  5. Avoid conflicts of interest.
  6. Support diversity within MAPCO and equal opportunity for all employees.
  7. Safeguard company assets.
  8. Contact an immediate supervisor, senior administrative member, or MAPCO’s Human Resources Coordinator, (585) 292-4900, if you have knowledge of or a concern about a compliance or ethics related issue or violation.

MAPCO’s Code of Ethics Statement

We expect all employees, vendors, contractors and affiliates of MAPCO Auto Parks to act ethically in all of their business dealings on behalf of the company. MAPCO will never ask nor expect individuals in the course of business with the company to “cut corners,” or to place the “bottom line” above good values, or put forth personal or company-perceived interests above ethical behavior. All employees are required to adhere to MAPCO’s ethical values and conduct activities free from even the appearance of impropriety.

MAPCO Auto Parks strictly prohibits retaliation, in any form, against an individual reporting an issue or concern in good faith. Retaliation is subject to discipline, including termination of employment or termination of the business relationship with MAPCO and any of its entities.

Where possible, it will be the policy of MAPCO to maintain the confidentiality of any employees, vendors, or contractors who report violations of MAPCO’s Compliance, Code of Conduct, or Code of Ethics statements. Further, individuals referred to herein have the right to make their report anonymously. Any violation of the rules and policies of conduct set forth in the above policies will result in corrective action up to and including severance of ties with MAPCO, their employment, and/or legal action.