Ogdensburg International Airport COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

*Masks are mandatory in the Airport Facility per NYS guidelines under COVID-19.*

The airport has focused its efforts on disinfecting common areas and helping passengers and employees maintain good hygiene at the airport.

Hand sanitizers are available throughout the airport in the following locations: main terminal, passenger check-in locations, boarding gate locations, and ground transportation centers.

The airport has increased cleaning frequencies at all high touch-point areas, such as automatic door buttons, ticketing counters, badge readers, door handles, gate hold room seating, main terminal seating, armrests, restroom doors and fixtures, vending machines and walls.

The janitorial contractor is using EPA approved COVID-19 cleaning products throughout the terminal and have been trained in bio-hazard cleaning should it become necessary.

Contractors are equipped with hospital-grade disinfectant and wipes for faster response and cleaning.

The airport has updated its cleaning protocols for the rental car facility and extended-stay valet services.

Social distancing markers have been placed throughout the terminal as a reminder to follow proper 6-foot social distancing guidelines provided by the CDC.


Passenger Actions:

Do not use your mouth to hold passports, boarding passes, pens, or parking passes and then hand that item to someone else.

Wash your hands frequently and for 20 seconds at a time.

Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Use a tissue or your elbow to catch a sneeze or cough.

Clean your device screens.

Stay home if you are not feeling well.


For the latest information about COVID-19 actions at the airport, visit https://www.mapcoparking.com.