Valet Parking is closed. Stay tuned for future updates.

<a hidden Late for a flight? Are you a regular business traveler? Don’t like to drag your luggage out of your vehicle or flag down a skycap for assistance? Trying to avoid dealing with parking?

Let our Airport Valet Service assist you, so you don’t have to worry!

<a hidden Make valet reservations with our new app! Available now for Apple iOS <a hidden and <a hidden Android.

The Greater Rochester International Airport is proud to introduce its Airport Valet (AV) program! We know you want to get in and out of the airport as fast as possible. Our AV service lets you do just that. Simply pull up to our Valet station, located at the far end of the lower level (arrivals), and our courteous attendants will assist you with your luggage and send you on your way! Relax, knowing your car is in good hands and will be ready upon your return!

Airport Valet provides our premier customers with a unique service that allows them to drop off their car in front of the terminal, receive help with their luggage, and have the car returned to them warmed up and ready to go. The AV program has established loyal business and vacation travelers who are willing to pay for a customer service experience unlike any other.

Please Note: All valet vehicles are subject to curbside inspection.

Benefits of Parking Valet:

  • Saves you even more time at the airport!
  • You don’t have to remember where you parked.
  • Avoids congestion of high-volume parking areas.
  • Curbside assistance with baggage.
  • Greeted by a staff of uniformed attendants who are courteous and attentive.
  • We remove snow/ice from your vehicle in the winter months prior to your return.
  • Your vehicle will be heated/cooled depending on the season and ready for you to simply drive away upon your return!
  • A great option for the business traveler or individual running late for a flight, who would like to make their experience at the airport even more enjoyable!
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  • No advance reservation required! (but save additional time and register online).

Frequently Asked Questions:

To calculate the parking rates using the Airport Valet service, click here.

The Airport Valet service is open from 4am until last arrival of the day.

If you have changes to your flight, please contact us via email at or call (585) 563-9680.

While reservations are not required, they are recommended to save you time at the Airport. Make an online reservation by clicking here.

Yes, you can make valet reservations on your phone with our new app!
Download it now for Apple iOS and Android.

Customers of our Airport Valet service will not pay for their services until their return. Upon returning, customers will report to the valet booth (located at the far end of the lower terminal roadway) to pick up their keys and pay for the service.

At this time, we do not accept payment in advance of services being rendered. Express checkout coming soon!

Valet vehicles are currently being parked in an area designated for valet only. While this area is monitored by surveillance cameras and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, we encourage all valet customers not to leave anything of value in their vehicles. The liability statement on the back of each claim ticket clearly states: “This contract limits our liability. MAPCO Auto Parks does not assume responsibility for personal items left in the vehicle. Any claim for damage must be reported to the valet associate prior to leaving the premises.”

Customers wishing to drop off for valet should pull up in front of the valet booth (located at the far end of the lower terminal roadway).

The booth is located following all the airline drop-off points.

Upon returning from their flights, customers should pick up any luggage they may have and then proceed to the nearest exit to the valet booth (located at the far end of the lower terminal roadway).

Yes. Airport Valet accepts all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).

No. Airport Valet does not accept cash as a form of payment.

Airport Valet can be reached via email at or by calling (585) 563-9680.

Valet vehicles are parked in a secure designated area and monitored by surveillance cameras and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

The Airport Valet service is open until the last flight comes in each day. If your flight is delayed, an attendant will be tracking the flight and will be in the booth upon your return.

As part of the Valet service, your car will be brushed off, windows defrosted, and interior warm for your ride home.

In order to use our services, customers will need to provide the attendants with their name, contact number while traveling and departing, and arriving flight information (Airline name and flight number).

We ask that you hold onto your claim ticket in a safe place so that you can present it to one of our Valet Attendants upon your return. Should you lose your ticket and be unable to present it when picking up your vehicle, you will need to provide the Valet Attendant with a photo ID for identity verification.

We understand that sometimes instances may arise where you will need someone else to pick up your vehicle. Upon making a reservation or checking in to use Airport Valet, please speak with the Valet Attendant and inform them who you will be authorizing to pick up the vehicle. When that individual claims the vehicle, they will need to present the Valet Attendant with a photo ID and pay for any charges the vehicle has accrued up to the point of pick-up.