Zoom Lane Application

Applying for a Zoom Lane Account

1. Click here to register for a Zoom/E-ZPass account.

2. Click register to create a Mapco account.

3. Once registered, click the Zoom Lane tab.

4. Click the Zoom Application button to create an account.

5. If using an E-ZPass, an administrator will contact you for your E-Zpass number.

Note: You're E-ZPass will not work in the system until your pass is registered with an administrator

Features of Zoom Online

  • Update Your Personal account Information
  • Check your monthly statements
  • And more..

Assistance Registering/Additional Questions

To find out how you can become a part of our Zoom program, or for additional questions regarding the Zoom program, contact us by emailing zoom@mapcoparking.com or by giving us a call (585) 292-4900.