Extended Stay Parking

Returning October 1, 2017

Available in 30 day blocks only (Offers a 25% Discount)

Reserve Extended Stay


Ogdensburg International Airport is proud to introduce its Extended Stay Parking Program. MAPCO Parking will provide parkers the opportunity to reserve extended stay parking at the Ogdensburg Airport.

Extended Stay Parking is available in 30 day increments and must be reserved 6 hours prior to arrival. Parkers will pay $180 USD in advance for 30 days of parking. After the 30 day block, customers will be responsible for paying an additional $8 per day.


Benefits of Extended Stay:

  • 25% Discount to traditional parking option
  • Convenient Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Safe and Secure Storage of vehicle
  • Indoor Parking
  • Snow Free


How It Works:

  1. Customers can reserve their 30-, 60- ,90-, or 120-day parking online as part of the Extended Stay Parking Program. Parking can be reserved and paid for by clicking HERE or the link above.
  1. Enter the required information. Note: You will be charged for the non-refundable blocks purchased as well as any remaining parking balance at exit.
  1. Please print your receipt and bring it with you.
  1. On the day of your departure, proceed to the reserved Extended Stay Parking Drop Off / Pick Up area. See the map below for additional information. You will be greeted by a MAPCO employee who will check you in and perform an inspection of your vehicle. You will be required to leave your keys with the parking office.
  1. MAPCO will review your reservation, take your parking ticket and will give you a "claim check" to indicate that we are in possession of your vehicle and keys.
  1. Upon return to Ogdensburg, proceed to the airport parking office.
  1. Present your claim check and you will receive your keys and parking ticket.
  1. Proceed to the exit, insert your parking ticket, and pay any remaining balance, if applicable.

Extended Stay Parking Examples:      

Example 1: Customer Parking for 35 Days

  • Customer prepays for a 30 day Extended Stay block for $180 ($6 per day)
  • After the 30 day Extended Stay block of parking expires, the parker is responsible for paying the remaining balance of $40 ( 5 days at $8 per day) at exit.

Example 2: Customer Parking for 70 Days

  • Customer prepays for two 30 day Extended Stay blocks for $360 ($6 per day)
  • After the two 30 day Extended Stay blocks of parking expire, the parker is responsible for the remaining balance of $80 (10 days at $8 per day) at exit.

Example 3: Customer Parking for 53 Days

The customer would have three options

  1. The customer could park in the traditional lot at $8 per day for $424
  1. The customer could buy one block of Extended Stay Parking, plus $8 per day for 23 days, which is $364 ($60 savings from traditional option)
  1. The customer could buy two Extended Stay Parking blocks for $360 ($64 savings from traditional option)