Shuttle Parking Lot (Yellow)

The Shuttle Lot is located on-airport, just off the airport terminal roadway, and provides a cost-effective solution to your airport parking needs. This lot provides an on-airport parking shuttle service to and from the terminal. Customers should allow additional time for meeting their airline’s departure schedule. Shuttles circulate every 15 minutes and operate 24hrs/day.
Use the calculator below to estimate the parking costs for this lot.


Each hour $1.00
Max per 24hrs $8.00
As you enter the airport roadway, turn left on the first road you come to. The on-airport Shuttle Lot will be on your right.
If you missed the left turn, the terminal roadway makes one big loop. Follow the roadway around and you will see the Shuttle Lot entrance on your right.

Automated Pay Machine

During un-attended cashier hours, automated, Credit Card only, pay in lanes are available at the exit plaza. All major credit cards are accepted. An automated pay on foot machine is also available near the front entrance of the Shuttle Lot.  Pay on foot machines accept USD currency.   


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